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Pre Construction

Pre Construction
(Anti-Termite Treatment)

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is attracting attention throughout the world. The soil in immediate contact with the foundation and floor structure of a building is treated with an insecticide which kills or repels termites thus forming a toxic barrier which is lethal to termite entry. Architects, Engineers, Contractors and builders who are responsible for the design and construction of such buildings would be doing a great service to their clients if they can help in making these buildings safe from termite attack.

The ultimate aim of Pest control during new construction is to form a seamless and continuous chemical barrier in the soil such that termites are denied access from beneath or sides of the built up area of the building.

Make sure you do preconstruction termite control treatment if you are planning to develop a building or a house. The steps involved in Pre-construction anti termite treatment:

  • Inspection
  • Site Preparation
  • Rightful application